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Winter Garden Goodness!

January 19, 2012
Check out this short little tour of our winter garden. I have to admit my favorite thing to watch is our heirloom purple cauliflower of Sicily!  Too good to be true!

Enjoy.. and get into nature today, no matter what the weather!


Persimmon Tip!

December 13, 2011
Here is a video I did about persimmons.  People seem to have a natural aversion to them, so here is some info to encourage people to eat them.  They are delicious and nutritious!

Magical days,

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Water Fasting Mistakes

January 20, 2011
I was inspired to make the video below about the top 5 mistakes people make when they embark on a water fasting journey.  While not everyone makes ALL of the mistakes, many of us make a few of them.

Because a short, intuitive, 4-day water fast I did was so successful, I wanted to pass along some of the experience so that we stay safe as we cleanse and have the best experience possible.

Are you riddled with thoughts of cleansing merely to lose weight?

Do you tend to binge on food in the middle of...

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January 16, 2011
This is part 4 of a series of interviews we did with Sam Spaiser of What intrigued me so much about Sam was his ability to be a low fat raw vegan (or in other terms, an 80-10-10er) at college, in Indiana nonetheless!  What a great commitment this takes (never mind the fact that he is completely beyond the need for the typical beer and keg raging parties typical of campus life).  For parts 1 through 3 of this interview, please visit our tv show at
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Wild Edible Plant: Wood Sorrel

December 22, 2010
Wood sorrel is one of the most common edible wild plants. It is easy to identify and has a zangy, lemon taste. Wood Sorrel is a great wild food for kids.

The plant has heart-shaped leaves, folded through the middle, that occur in groups of three atop a reddish brown stalk. It flowers for a few months during the spring, with small white flowers

To learn more about Identifying Wood Sorrel and it's medicional uses check out the DVD Wild Edible Plants: The Ultimate Guide to Identifying and Harvest...

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