About Us 

The Healing Patch appreciates your help!  Your donation will go towards technology upgrades, continued education, and future endeavors.  This will enable us to continuously provide free health and raw food information to the public.

Julie Cara Hoffenberg founded The Healing Patch in 2008 with Sarah Woodward who has since gone on to work on new projects. Julie continues to sell books, DVD's, and provide guidance to people needing help on the health journey.

Friends and family of Julie call her “the health nut” and joke that she is full of the most random health tidbits on the planet! She has over eight years of experience in the natural health field and also holds an education degree, which enables her to clearly and simply guide people through their health transitions.

After adding more vegan raw foods to her diet, Julie lost 40 pounds, ran two half marathons, rid herself of rosacea, and cleared up over two decades of acne.  This inspires her to share the vegetarian and raw food lifestyle with others so that they, too, can overcome their health challenges!

When Julie is not giving people health information and goofing around on camera, she is empowering women to step into their purpose (please visit www.AuthenticWomanCoach.com) and appreciating the magic of nature.

Julie is co-author of  The Healing Patch Cookbook: A gentle transition from cooked to raw food, with a taste of joyful wit. She also has a DVD on harvesting wild food!

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