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Wild Edible Plants: The Ultimate Guide to Identifying and Harvesting Wild Food! DVD

Do you have the urge to harvest your own free, wild foods, but have no idea where to begin?

Are you confused about which plants are edible, and safe to eat?

Julie Cara Hoffenberg and Sarah Woodward, authors of The Healing Patch Cookbook, team up with Katrina Blair ( to de-mystify the often confusing, wild world of plants. They have gathered clear, concise identification information for many of the world's most abundant wild foods. Identifying wild edibles, however, is just the beginning.

This DVD is exactly what the title claims! It is the ULTIMATE guide to bringing wild foods into your life. Not only will you love the gorgeous close-up images for identification, you will also be blown away by the following subjects:

* Harvesting techniques
* Recipe ideas
* Medicinal uses
* Plant history

You will be guided through the wild world of plantain, miner's lettuce, sow thistle, chickweed and many more!

Complete with homemade charm and plenty of giggles, Wild Edible Plants will give you every bit of confidence you need to hit the trail for some delectable wild edibles!


The Healing Patch Cookbook:
A Gentle Transition from Cooked to Raw Foods

Sometimes the most difficult part of adopting a new way of eating is getting started. You want to cut down on your sugar intake, or eat more fresh food instead of packaged, or keep an eye on your calorie count…but taking the first step can be a little intimidating. One of the biggest dietary jumps of all is when a standard omnivore/carnivore tries to go vegetarian. And the stakes are even higher when the target diet is not only vegan-no food of any kind from animal sources-but raw as well.

The Healing Patch Cookbook holds up the “cookbook” part of its title with a number of tasty-sounding recipes, all thoughtfully labeled “cooked vegetarian,” “raw vegetarian” or “raw vegan.” And the authors provide lists of kitchen staples and recommended readings, along with a ton of useful tips.

But this playful, deeply personal book also serves as a reflection of Hoffenberg’s and Woodward’s belief that “[t]here is no one, specific way to be a vegetarian.” They encourage you to find your path to healthy raw vegetarian eating by becoming aware of how and why you eat the way you do. “Food relationships are important to analyze,” the authors write. “They help us decipher why we have cravings and addictions.” You might not become a raw vegan. But if The Healing Patch Cookbook helps you understand and change your dietary patterns, it will have been worth your while.

-Lisa James
Energy Times Magazine




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