This is part 4 of a series of interviews we did with Sam Spaiser of What intrigued me so much about Sam was his ability to be a low fat raw vegan (or in other terms, an 80-10-10er) at college, in Indiana nonetheless!  What a great commitment this takes (never mind the fact that he is completely beyond the need for the typical beer and keg raging parties typical of campus life).  For parts 1 through 3 of this interview, please visit our tv show at!

This interview with Sam allows us to being asking questions of ourselves such as:
  • What is the college experience?
  • What does a social life look like?
  • Is it necessary to conform to society's expectations of our diets in order to fit in?
  • How can we do a low fat raw vegan lifestyle amidst those who do not, or cannot even conceive of this?

Enjoy the interview.. and we wish you magical days!
julie and sarah